IQM Software – Bespoke software solutions. We help solve your business development challenges by providing tailor-made software solutions.

What We do

IQM Software designs and develops made-to-measure software solutions to simplify and streamline the key processes within your organisation. Established over 25 years ago, we’re a Software as a Service company (SaaS). Our aim is simple: to empower your staff to achieve greater and more significant productivity.


We can support the needs of highly regulated industries. Our products can deliver smarter, better working practices – saving time, effort and resources.

In a nutshell, IQM’s products could revolutionise your business.

Scaled up or down, within the UK or internationally, we’ll work closely with you to deliver your exact requirements.

No need for any unnecessary bells and whistles, IQM Software could be the affordable solution that you’ve been looking for.


Talk to us about your objectives, your current systems and your needs. Then, we’ll put together a detailed yet jargon-free product specification to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Product Implementation

We’ll design and develop your software to reflect the requirements of your business. Your software is now ready to access, with a tailored user manual you’re ready to go.


Your business processes are unique to your organisation, so talk to us about how to make the most of your newly configured software. IQM offers full training as part of the package.

Customer Service and Ongoing Support

Got some questions? Need some help? Pick up the phone to speak to a real person in customer services. Also, we’re not going to forget you. With pro-active support, we’ll keep you up to speed with new products or services.

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How We Work

We develop bespoke new products

If you’re after greater efficiency or a better customer journey, IQM Software can help. We offer a customised approach to each and every client and will work hard to understand the needs of your business.

Replace legacy systems

It may be time to replace or upgrade the systems within your business. Are they serving your working practices as well as they could? IQM has the experience and expertise that could make a substantial difference in how your organisation operates.

Research and Discovery

Everything at IQM Software starts with research. It lies at the heart of everything we do for our customers. Talk to us in confidence about how we can turn your ideas into a viable reality. Our custom product specification will dovetail precisely to your needs.


Powerful, easy-to-read information that you can use to make better decisions within your organisation. Drill down to the detail or see the bigger picture with reporting modules delivered as standard within your IQM Software package.

Streamline your Data

Is your business struggling to collate or use information from various sources? Perhaps the means to access vital data simply doesn’t exist. Read about how IQM Software can solve data organisation issues.

Customer support and training

Welcome to IQM Software, we’re on this journey with you, to drive your business forward? With our depth of knowledge, courteous and prompt response times, our customers are at the very centre of what we do and why we do it. Read about how we can help you make the best of your IQM Software system.


Meet IQM Software

Software development

Stewert Gallington

Stewert Gallington (Technical Director) has been part of IQM since the early 1990’s. His expertise in bespoke software development for highly regulated industries has led the vision of our products. He leads our technical team with a customer-first approach. His focus is on understanding the problem and making sure our solutions deliver real value. He enjoys solving complex problems and building elegant software solutions.

Like everyone on our team, Stewert is serious about delivering a great service to our customers and having fun while doing it.

Business services

Thibaut Decré

Thibaut Decré (Head of Strategy) leads IQM’s business operations, which includes our commercial team, UX and consultancy services. He has a strong and diverse experience in managing innovation and business transformation across industries.

Thibaut loves helping people who are passionate about making a change in their organisation, and rather than sitting on the side-line and cheering them on, he takes a hands-on approach to get things moving.


How can IQM help your business?

Contact IQM Software to find out more how our products and services could turn up the dials on organisational effectiveness. We help you to deliver YOUR services better and faster.

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