“RevenueShield” is a modern robust but easy to use solution for the entire Revenue Protection Team, all the way through from Inspectors, Administration staff, Prosecutors and Managers.

Providing Revenue Inspectors with the ability to check names and addresses for verification purposes, without the
need to phone a help desk.  Staff then issue “Penalty Fares” or “MG11s” using an Android phone linked to a small printer giving a more professional approach to ticket inspection.

With Inspectors logging train or barrier work on the system, the information is sent electronically to “RevenueShield Back Office” to assist the administration teams with fast efficient and accurate data processing.

The staff using “RevenueShield Back Office” can carry out all the tasks required to process Penalty Fares, MG 11s,
Court bookings, Penalty fare letters & all pre Court action letters for all cases.  All of the documentation can be produced by a couple of button clicks.  Greatly simplifying the entire process and reducing considerably any potentially costly human errors.


Do you have a case in Court?

Make sure you have all your paperwork correct, updated, preprinted, case numbers, court reference numbers, statement of facts, with you.

With RevenueShield that’s easy, just print one or more Court packs for each case.


Benefits of RevenueShield

  • A mobile application that can be installed on any Android device.
  • The mobile application is easy to use and makes for a more professional image to the public.
  • No more phone calls to help desks to check names and addresses as this is available on the device.
  • The inspector can easily check for any previous PFN locally on the device.
  • Inspectors can also issue Excess tickets using the android phone and small printer.
  • The back office staff receive the details of any penalty fares or MG11s in a more timely way.
  • There is no need to decipher an inspector’s hand writing.
  • Admin can carry out most of the processes with a few clicks of the mouse, including creating full court packs.
  • Admin can also easily manage all aspects of the case and even manage the court booking caseloads.
  • A Manager can easily see at a glance how many duties have been performed and how many customers have been checked.
  • Working patterns and work shift sheet information is readily available.
  • Historic information is always available.
  • Information is available in graph form.
  • Graphs can be interrogated to show more detail.
  • Managers can look at a depot work loads by day, week, period or annually.
  • Depot details can be similarly broken down to individual inspector.

This is just a short overview of the system and its benefits, to find out about its full potential for your organisation please email us

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