Software that makes a genuine difference to your business must be developed from the strongest of starts. In other words, built from “bottom up”. What really works is a true continuous consultative approach.

At IQM Software, all our products are customisable to your organisation’s needs.

Therefore, everything starts with in depth research.

Let’s go

IQM Software’s development team are good listeners and will work hard to understand where you are now – and where you need to be. With an in-depth awareness of the needs of highly regulated industries, together we will determine what “good” looks like with a sharp focus on the end result.

What are your current business processes that IQM could help you improve? How are your current software systems (or lack of them) slowing your employees down, or limiting their productivity? Or, perhaps your organisation could benefit from more timely information on its key priorities, milestones or resources. Easily accessible business critical data could deliver the transformation you need.

Your Software, Your Way

Based on the information you give us, our development specialists will draw up a product specification. In clear, jargon-free language, this document will confirm:

  • Objectives of your business
  • How the software will meet those objectives
  • How it is going to be delivered & deployed

Following discussions with your end users, IQM Software will make all the amendments necessary to scope an application specification that that will deliver your requirements.