Research and Discovery

At IQM Software, our goal is to deliver applications that make a positive impact on your business – whatever that means to your specific situation.

New or enhanced products could streamline your processes, deliver more information to the people who need it when they need it, save time, maximise staff efforts, improve internal and external reporting. It’s a long list.

That’s why we take a fully consultative approach to every project. IQM Software will engage with the key stakeholders in your business. Not only with you as a decision-maker, but also future end users.

With our expertise, we’re an unbiased, fresh pair of eyes. IQM will analyse your processes to uncover solutions to problems. We’ll aim to find the best ways to unblock, improve or streamline information, procedures or everyday tasks.

Product Specifications for Customised Solutions

Our development team will create a detailed yet user-friendly tailored product specification.

This document will confirm . Everything you need to know will be outlined in clear, simple terms

Crucially, our research will enable us to discover and confirm how this new software will support your organisation’s needs.