A system developed over a number of years by IQM Software alongside leading and highly skilled engineers within industry.shutterstock_133349654

While the system has been developed primarily for the railway industry, it can just as easily be adapted for use by any transport companies be they road, rail, sea or air.

We are working closely with a number of UK TOC’s who are making full use of the solution and growing the database of units considerably.  Plus, we have presented to ATOC and they in turn have advised that this is a product worthy of serious consideration for all Train Operating Companies.

The system works by using a logical knowledge tree which is accessed and followed to ascertain faults failures and errors.  Then TEAM offers solutions or remedies considered appropriate by highly skilled engineers.

 shutterstock_158212538Timely Action

Should a train or a vehicle develop a fault while in service, this can have a real impact on the service you are trying to deliver.  It could also have severe financial implications if there are any clauses in your contracts of service.

Enabling the driver to contact a control centre or engineer within your organisation who has access to TEAM will aid repair, recovery and a return to service as quickly as possible.

Control will assist with maintaining fault recording and registering on the system helping to future proof other recurrences of such issues.

With faults developing on a potentially large number of vehicles, there are not many engineers who can maintain all of this knowledge in their heads.  And, if they do, that individual becomes a last or only port of call for knowledge.

Making use of your information

Helping engineers to get the vehicle back into service is an essential element of the T.E.A.M. solution.  If a vehicle or unit is required to go into the workshop the engineers will already have a wealth of data available regarding the incident and any remedies already tried.  This will cut down on wasted time duplicating any actions already carried out and enable a faster and more accurate assessment of the fault.

We can even supply an android application for a phone or tablet so that all drivers, engineers, maintenance mechanics or even managers can go through the checks without needing to call upon others.

To help maintain a stream of useful data T.E.A.M. can help, by recording a component failure log, for reference when keeping on top of stock control.

Talk to us about T.E.A.M. and discover how your business can make better use of software solutions.