T.I.M. (Ticket Information Management) has been here with TOC’s for a long time.
Does that make T.I.M. old or tired? Most certainly not.

Since its inception back in the early 2000’s T.I.M. has been upgraded, amended and enhanced to become a thorough and complete solution for the management of season ticket holders information and their historic buying preferences.

With tight integration via the “Tribute” ticketing machines, with data feeds from “Fastis” and “TheTrainLine.com”, T.I.M. is way ahead of its competitors as far as a resilient and reliable data processing module is concerned.
This growth and expansion hasn’t come by accident, it is through the continued commitment of our highly skilled and enthusiastic clients, and the deep appreciation of a thoroughly reliable solution by them too that this product has been developed into the master that it is now.

IQM Software hold regular TIM user group meetings to discuss ways that our clients would like to see their product develop and expand in the future. This allows all parties concerned to be inventive and innovative with potentially new areas that the software can diverse into. These new concepts and ideas are discussed by our clients and our developers to see how feasible the ideas are, and then to discuss the very best possible way of bringing these new ideas to fruition.
That is how we keep our products fresh, reliable, realistic and purposeful.

So, if you want to record; customer information, season ticket sales, all refunds, or you want to run any one of a huge number of inbuilt reports, or you may wish to email your clients, post incentives to your clients, verify their address details. There is so much you can do with T.I.M. that is not outlined here.
We only have the one page.
Come and talk to us, we are happy to listen and help you find that perfect solution.


These are your valuable customers, you owe it to yourselves to know as much as you can about their needs.