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We have been working with the rail industry since the early 1990’s and as a result we have a very good understanding of a TOCs needs.
IQM Software, have a number of products that can assist you when putting together a franchise bid.
We can offer you solutions that may very well put you ahead of your competition. With frequent enquiries from TOC Bid Teams regarding our products, we know that interest has already turned towards some of our newer and more comprehensive solutions.
When some of the owning groups of TOCs are contacting us directly, it may make sense if you do the same.  We have developed a number of cost effective software solutions that help a TOC in a number of areas of the business.  IQM Software recognises that not every TOC works in the same way.  Therefore, we have ensured that all of our products are extremely adaptable and thereby being flexible enough to suit your specific requirements.

To help all of our clients best understand the versatility and flexibility of our products, all of our products can be tried, free of charge, for three months without any obligation. This will allow your department or Company to truly evaluate the benefits of our solutions and to see how we can really make that difference to your business. With this in mind, we thought it might be helpful to give you a short summary of some of our solutions, that we have had recent enquiries about.

train wheelsTEAM is a knowledge based system that is designed to return a failed train back into service as soon as possible.   This is done by having a system that has been developed in partnership with experienced and professional TOC engineers.
Because we have taken this approach you can be sure that the fault and resolution to that fault are at hand for Drivers, Control staff, Engineering staff and Managers who can review the actions carried out. With this system we would expect you to see a serious reduction in delay minutes being attributed to your TOC.

RevenueShield is a system for the Revenue Protection Department.
With RevenueShield your inspectors will not only look more professional they will be better equipped to deal with revenue protection issues. Our system has been developed in partnership with Revenue Protection and Prosecution Managers over a number of years.
Having spent so long developing the system we are confident that this system will assist Inspectors, Prosecution staff and administration staff.  The Manager will then be able to produce all of the reports they need.

Estates Manager
this system has been developed in partnership with a railway Estates Manager. Again this system gives Estates Managers the ability to manage their portfolio in a very efficient way.
They can set, track and manage rent reviews. Utility meter readings and charges are recorded. All agreements and sign offs are managed within the system. Estates Managers can do so much more and it is so easy to use.  Allowing managers to free up time so that they can work on new areas within their department.

Security Manager with Security Manager you will see an audit trail showing who, when, where, and how often a security inspection is carried out at any given location. There is no requirement for security staff to use a docking instrument so the location points will not be knocked off. The system can also cope with the varying British climate so no lost data due to weather conditions. Managers will be able to view a number of reports and also any photos that the security guard takes on his  whilst completing his duties.  A real reflection of any situation caught on camera and made available.

Calypso This system allows companies to send out Notices (including WON and PON’s) to staff electronically. Again this gives an audit trail as the recipient has to acknowledge receipt of the notice. Just like all of our products Calypso has been developed with railways staff ensuring that the product is fit for purpose.shutterstock_75662690

As providers of excellent software solutions we go all the way to make sure that we deliver an entire package for you. This means if an application requires hardware or an external data source to operate alongside an application. We have sourced the best solution we can find. We have tested that hardware or data source and we know that the full options we offer are without doubt the most reliable, entire, flexible, accommodating solutions available. All of the third party bolt on options we offer have been thoroughly tested under rigorous testing scenarios and we vouch for our choice. If alternatively, you have a preferred supplier who you really want to work with for these third party resources, please let us know. We will endeavor to put your resources through the same testing processes and environments to which we subject our preferred suppliers. If after this testing period they fit the bill, we will adapt our solution to work with your choice of partner.

We already partner:

  • AFD for all Name and Address checking solutions.
  • Zebra for all mobile printers.
  • Panasonic for all ToughPad and mobile devices
  • Varlink for all printer consumables.
  • Royal Mail for all PAF data checking.

All of our applications are hosted and managed on our own Servers. We do all the worrying about bandwidth, back-ups, maintenance, up times. Your IT Departments have enough to do already. No point loading them up with even more work.

For more information, contact us.

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