Over our 20 years of working closely with the railway industry we have created solutions for a number of problems

IQM Software provide solutions to a number of selective clients across a broad range of business sectors.

With our ever expanding product range, we are deploying expert and intelligent systems across multiple platforms.  All of which rely on the utmost professionalism regarding security and privacy.

All industries and businesses require specific and at times, unique, solutions.  This is achieved by discussing their exacting requirements with a provider that has, experience in their market, the skills and knowledge to achieve an exceedingly high level of design and development and a proven history of successful business partnerships.

At IQM Software we excel in all of these categories.  If you are unclear of our skills, commitment, support, and costs read further on our Testimonials page.  If you still have questions allow us to reassure you of our truly professional and excellent service.  Make contact with us and you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of service we provide to ALL of our clients.

Railway Specific

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All Industries

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  • Metric Master



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