Metrics Master

Metrics Master is one of our most complex data driven systems.  But is also one of the easiest for Senior Managers to use to gain vital information from a large number of various resources. If you have data coming into your Company we can help you interpret this information and assist you with displaying the data in a more rounded and visual way.  Assisting you to understand and present your data and essential KPI’s is key to aiding others to work with you in a positive and progressive way.

With security at the forefront of this application it as been designed to ensure that only the appropriate persons have access to such sensitive data.  Access is controlled via a Dashboard Log On screen requiring both Username and Password to access the next section.

It has been designed to import data from a number of additional systems within your organisation. Received data is then converted to produce a number of graphs and reports.  These graphs and reports are made available to users via the application to assist managers to identify how the organisation is operating, and to facilitate comparisons  with the important and strategic KPIs.

Metric Master can also operate as a standalone system.  This would enable staff at various locations to enter KPI data into Metrics Master for analysis by other parties.

Metric Master can produce a very high number of graphs, and additional information on a range of KPIs.  These additional data driven displays are too numerous to mention.  The best way to understand the power of this system is to see it working as a demonstration.

Again, although this has been developed in partnership with leading railway companies it can be used in any company that requires a strong and flexible approach to monitoring of KPI reports.