Estates Manager

This system enables you to manage your list of premises with all details available at the touch of a button.

You will have information about your portfolio of properties which can include details relating to contracts, rent, availability, tenants, keyholder contact details, lease details, promotions or charity fund raising and any advertising space available.

All information is available via a user friendly interface ensuring that details are easily recorded and reported upon.

The program has check lists and sign off’s for contracts.

There is also a fully functional and thorough reporting function available through within program.

Manage your station and outlets from within one application.  Including contracts, leases and renewals.


The system alerts you to contract expiries and rent reviews saving you time looking through files and ensuring that they are carried out in a timely manner.

Accounting departments can enter directly any amounts billed in accounts.

Check lists and Sign off’s for contracts are available to better enable and record which people will be required to put their signatures to documentation.

The Estates Manager can raise alerts to users so that specific “user defined points” are highlighted such as contract expiry dates or rent reviews in advance.

All of your Tenants and contact details are in one place.

Estates Manager is a solution designed to assist you with your valuable workload and to ensure that you have access to valuable data just when you need it.