ERX a solution


equilibrium software is developed by eGPTechnology, in partnership with IQM Software.

eGPTechnology has experience in UK general practice, community pharmacy and bespoke software design

equilibrium enables the supplies of repeat medications to be synchronized and will constantly maintain synchronization over time

Unsynchronized supplies of drugs leads to unnecessary requests for prescriptions; increased workload in primary care; drug wastage and inconvenience for patients

Our research demonstrates that the problem of unsynchronized drugs is widespread and that significant resources are used to process repeat prescription requests in primary care.

In 2009 the total cost of prescriptions issued in the community in England was £8,539.4 million; an increase of 61.4% since 1999.

There is current demand in the NHS for increased quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP)


50% fewer prescription requests – equilibrium will reduce the number of prescription requests for repeat drugs by 50% for most GP practices

£9 million – £40 million per year – The cost of drugs that are wasted in the community due to unsynchronized supplies is difficult to calculate but an estimated saving of between 9 and 40 million pounds per year could be achieved with equilibrium drug synchronization.