Development Partnership Scheme


IQM Software work very closely with selected clients to produce new and innovative solutions which other developers may wish to shy away from.

To create new and exciting solutions takes a lot of time and an incredible amount of knowledge and skills from a number of sources.  Therefore we have put together a plan which enables us to design, develop and deliver complex and pioneering solutions and to utilise our clients vast amount of experience and expertise of their working environment.

Develop, Grow and Helping each other to Excellence

Partnerships are best as a two way street with advice, assistance and input from many people and this can only realistically be completed in a managed and controlled manner.

With the IQM Software Development Partner Scheme we assign a Senior Developer to work with your Senior Candidate and together they will lead the development process, taking the lead from both parties with a methodical and balanced approach.

Once a product has been delivered, we respond with a very favourable licence scheme which allows us to take the completed product to market and to utilise the product for new clients.  This ensures that our Development Partners receive the financial incentives to make this decision process so easy to make.



So if you want to work with us and bring your ideas and concepts to fruition come and talk to us.  You will not be disappointed with the results.  Don’t worry about how its going to work or be put together, that’s our speciality.