Asset Manager

The Asset Management System gives you complete control over company assets.

With Asset Manager you have all the information about company I.T computer equipment, CCTV, and software within one program.

Asset Management gives you the flexibility to add hardware, software, suppliers, developers, manufacturers, device models and categories to a suitable system.

The system gives the I.T Department, the ability to keep track of where I.T. hardware is located and any relevant serial numbers.

Information can be recorded regarding locations, their opening times, the primary and backup circuit details, additional network circuit information, subnet data, IP Block information and IT contact details.


One of the key features of Asset Management is the ability to re deploy assets to other locations while keeping track of the movement of equipment.

The ability of keeping searchable details of decommissioned assets ensures that your I.T. Manager has all the information he requires at his fingertips.

A comprehensive reporting function enables continual investigation and monitoring of assets through the system

Don’t worry where your assets are being deployed, manage and record it for your records of who has what, where, when and when returned.