Over our 20 years of working closely with the railway industry we have created solutions for a number of problems


Repair, Recovery and recording system
For managers and directors, it’s imperative you know that repairs are being conducted to the highest standard and in a timely manner. Efficiency gains here will lead to a better brand image as well as in increase in profitability.
We created the T.E.A.M software which allows drivers and engineers/ controller to deal with any issues in a much more methodical and time effective way.
Having a pool of information from your highly skilled engineers to pull from, will save you both time and money.


Simplifying the Revenue Inspection process
When logging information from a ticket inspector this can lead to huge paper trails in the Back Office. Having all this information logged automatically, and stored in one place, saves time and improves efficiency.
We developed RevenueShield to streamline the revenue protection and court details and data collection.
For the ticket inspector all they require is an Android device and a small printer and they can issue penalty fares or MG11’s in only a few taps. The same is the case for the back office staff, only a few clicks required to process penalty fares, MG 11’s, Court bookings etc.


Detailed analytics, interaction and information on customers
Hidden within the purchase of a ticket is a whole wealth of information on your target demographic. Without this, gaining a proper understanding of your customers wants and needs is extremely difficult. Historical data, refund rates and customer information can help with setting ticket prices and seeing overall success, something a number of companies miss out on.
T.I.M or Ticket Information Management, allows you to access this information. Through T.I.M, detailed reports on your customers are made available on one, easy to use, platform. We hold regular meeting with our clients to see how clients would like to see the product develop. This allows all parties concerned to be inventive and innovative with potentially new areas that the software can diverse into.

Estates Manager

Manage your list of premises at the touch of a button.
When managing an estate, such as train station retail outlets, there is a vast number of premises which you must keep track of. Each of these will then have further details, all of which needs to be recorded, constantly updated and acted upon. This is an arduous process when each individual premise must be contacted. Estates Manger enables the whole process to be managed more efficiently.
Estates Manager presents a friendly user interface that amalgamates the information you have about your entire portfolio of properties in one location. These details can include contracts, rent, availability, tenants, lease details, promotions or charity fund raising and any advertising space available.
Having all of this in one place allows for better control, and understanding, of the on goings on your premises.


Your Document Delivery System
Sending out detailed reports on a regular basis can be difficult to track. Emails are unable to show you analytics about whether the email has been opened, read and when this all happened. This can have serious implications in situations where the receiving, and acknowledgement, of information is essential. Using a software with a smart audit trail could alleviate these problems.
Calipso is designed to control the delivery of documents to selected users. This safe and secure software not only protects your information but gives a clear oversite over the distribution of documentation.
Reducing your need to chase down employees for responses, or check whether they’ve read important notifications, will lead to huge efficiency gains through the time saved.

Asset Manager

Complete control over your company’s assets
When managing a company, you will have your assets registered with many different businesses on many different websites. Because of this, you must keep a meticulous log of where each asset is registered, your login details and your passwords for each. Incorporating this into one system would save time and money.
Asset Manager provides a platform from which you can access your entire portfolio of assets. The flexibility to add hardware, software, suppliers, developers, manufacturers and many more options into a suitable system.
This places complete control back into your hands.